6 ways to look for anybody’s email address

Emails are important when you do outbound marketing.

Email addresses are important to the proximity of your information, regardless of whether you are running a cold email campaign or pursuing a direct mail.

I have scanned thousands of email addresses and used various methods to locate them in my outbound marketing activities.

The method below and the methods used to find e-mail addresses have been established.

Option 1 – Look for the obvious

You will find e-mail addresses in two areas that other people don’t look at.

Linkedin Page of the prospect

You must click ‘View Contact Info’ on LinkedIn. If you do, a list of social media accounts, blogs, and an e-mail address can be shown. Everything does not make all this knowledge optional, but it is also a very easy win.

If an email is not mentioned, please click on the other links. Often people have emails on their own websites or even on their twitter account.

Bio Page of Company

Another obvious place to try, but sometimes ignored. Most businesses do not mention the contact details for all their employees on their website, but you get lucky every time.

Option 2- Use Sellhack

There are a number of online resources for searching for email addresses for individuals. I have tried several of them and the best email finder tool I have ever found is by far Sellhack.

It’s not flawless, I confess, and you’ll always have several rebounds, but it’s the greatest tool I have ever had.

African american young woman using laptop working studying online, serious black girl student worker looking at laptop making notes typing busy on computer research, search information in internet (African american young woman using laptop working stu

This business email finder acts as a quick plug-in for Google Chrome in your browser’s corner. You simply press the plug-in and a pop-up window appears when you are investigating prospects.

You type the first name, last name, website for your company and Sellhack digs for you. It searches different sources and methods to provide you with an email address.

This is the most powerful approach I have found for people with corporate email addresses.

You can check Sellhack free of charge and paying accounts for up to 50 prospects are cheap starting at $9 a month. The emails I am searching for are so important to me that I pay a small monthly fee without any problem.

Option 3 – Use Rapportive

This was my e-mail study strategy before discovering Sellhack and I still use it as a fallback. Sellhack does really well, but it doesn’t find what I’m searching for occasionally. For the final analysis, there is a hack I use that blends Gmail with a Rapportive plug-in. The method is a little complicated, so I will postpone this video, which taught us tactical years ago, rather than trying to write it all down.

Option  4- Just Google it

In the last stage, Google will name and check for certain links to see if your contacts can be found elsewhere.

Often the prospects are mentioned in a trade union or in a kind of director with their contact details.

It’s always a long time, but at times it works well and opens doors for innovative testing methods unique to the industry.

For instance, I tried to find Hollywood director contact information for my client. Many of these other strategies have failed because people have no business addresses. I found the Directors Guild of America by carrying out a Google search and it has a director and contact details of all of its members. Mine of gold!

Option 5 – Try Gestward.com

If you don’t have the patience to deal with any of these approaches, go to GetSteward.com.

It is a simple email address finder, where you can find someone’s e-mail address for just $1 via e-mail. You make small and big orders and typically get decent email addresses for you.

This email finder can also create lists of different titles in specific companies for you, in addition to the contact name of a certain person.

Option 6 – Use Findemailaddress.co

Findemailaddress.co is also a find email address by name and company that we highly recommend due to its exceptional accuracy and swiftness in searching email addresses. Just like sellhack, it requires the first name, last name and the company domain of the prospect.

This email address finder also offers a free trial version with 50 credits. You can also use this tool to verify email addresses and to search email addresses in bulk.


It may take a while for e-mail addresses to be found, but you find the contacts that you are searching for if you use the methods and resources (in the order presented). But be alert, it does not mean they want to hear from you only because you find someone’s inbox. Don’t be a blank spammer and just sell letters to everyone you’re looking for. Make it part of a plan if you do email reporting. Be deliberate and develop a plan.

If you would like to know the marketing results I have used to give Fortune 500 customers, then sign up for the e-mail lesson below and walk through the whole cycle.

10 Tips For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is not gone; it is still one of the strongest ways of attracting potential clients, selling more or building loyal supporters. Email marketing offers small businesses a lot to gain, but so many of them neglect it, wasting many opportunities.

Email is a perfect way to keep your existing customers and to attract new visitors in customers, whether you operate an online store, a blog or a small business website.

Some people find that the increased usage of social media has changed the position of e-mail as an effective digital marketing tool.

Tips for E-mail marketing

The e-mail list and the quality e-mail list will make a difference in the conversions and the ROI from the campaign is at the heart of each email marketing campaign. It takes time and energy to expand your email list and you will receive the following tips in email marketing.

1. Provide Options

It is one of the first steps, perhaps more. You need to make participating in your list simple for users. No need to request too much or have long and overcrowded registration forms. Try to press, i.e. people in the registration box enter their names and email and press Register. You are on your list until you confirm your password.

You can also let people post on their social media pages in your email list if you really want to push things further. For them it is simpler, and in social media you can also communicate with them.

2. Offer incentives

What is the value for them, why would anyone provide you with their email address? Ensure the value is clearly shown in the registration form / box. Can you benefit them with something, can they receive free e-books, discounts, coupons etc.

3. Set Expectations

Tell your subscribers what details you can anticipate from you and where, every day, every week, if you have a new post etc. (new posts, infographics, discounts, deals etc.). Be truthful and try not to make promises, or your e-mail marketing efforts will be ineffective.

4. Send Customized messages

Try to encourage the process of registration and tell users what is going on at every point. For an example, after you first enter your name and e-mail, you need to confirm your e-mail address to complete your registration.

Stick with the messages you give through to for some time. Welcome them by the name and stop over-all words when you send an email. Recent developments in email marketing show that the use of AI technologies improves the targeting of Email and that personalization is growing than ever before.

5. Use easy to understand text

Don’t expect people to read your email every time or to spend too much time there. The best practice is to think that you can obtain your attention for a few seconds (when you see the e-mail). Concentrate on your titles and the layout of your e-mail to make reading and scanning quick.

Use headings or tiny paragraphs, and make sure that you use the images always set the ALT tag because the images are not displayed by default for most email clients.

6. Use social media to attract subscribers

Not only is the website the platform for e-mail subscribers to be expanded. To get more updates you can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and every other social network. Do not fear demanding membership in your email list from your friends, but don’t forget to clarify the benefits.

7. Deliver what you promise

It will not automatically yield better results to submit our more emails than anticipated. When you have promised to send an e-mail every week, don’t start sending any more. You can offer them options to adjust their preferences for subscriptions and receive more e-mails, but do not breach your initial commitments.

8. Add useful and relevant information

Yes, e-mails are a fantastic way to meet more people on your web, but you are mostly interested in creating more purchases and no further visits while conducting an e-mail marketing campaign to boost sales.

Examples include suggesting you offer SEO online courses and conducting an email marketing campaign using your blog’s targeted list.

Ensure sure the receiver reads all about the course in the email material in the package. For make a purchase, you need just visit your website.

9. Gauge Results

It’s important not to ‘ set and forget ‘ it, but to execute it, track results (e-mail open rate, click rate, dismissal rate, conversion rate etc.), take the appropriate action and execute it again, no matter if you run a SEO, social media marketing, or e-mail marketing campaign.

It is an ongoing process until you get the results you expect. When you know more, you can also do market segments and pilot and pilot phrases, but in most cases, simple monitoring and controls are relevant.

10. Use valid email addresses

There are several hacks available in the market but they are all time consuming. So we will get straight to the point and inform you that the most viable solution is getting an email address finder.

For your business email addresses, use a find email by name and company. Most of these tools come with a free trial version so you can use one before opting for a subscription-based plan.

However, among the tools that we have scrutinized, Findemailaddress is a business email finder that comes on top. It has all the right ingredients.

Besides this tool, you can use any other email address finder available in the market with the ability to provide accurate email addresses.

Tough UAE Job Market & Professional CV Writing In Dubai

When it comes to finding a job in the UAE, CV writing services in Dubai can greatly help increase your chances. They help you build a professional CV, something that includes the use of the right adjective in every sentence to personalizing your curriculum vitae to pass the 30-second test during going through the talent acquisition process. You can either go to finding how to writing CV forwarding letters online and CV writing tips to improve your chances of posing a great first impression. This extra information may be overwhelming for some, looking to create their career profile for Dubai employment purposes. So if you don’t want to use Google to find all this information, let the professionals do the work, read on.

Reasons for Considering Hiring a Professional Resume or CV Writing Services in Dubai (h2)

So if you don’t want to know the basic rules of CV writing for the Gulf recruiters, here is how professional curriculum vitae writing company help.

All Management Cadres for Effective Yet Professional CV Writing Covered in an Expert Manner (h3)

An expert offering CV writing in Dubai knows the difference between the way to approach a senior manager CV VS that of someone just entering a profession. They know what to upsell for which management cadre. They don’t rely on finding how to make a sample resume for a job. One of the top tips for CV writing that they follow is the adjustment of more data into consolidated statements. Similarly, they have written enough of cover letters to know how to sell your skills. They know everything from the top of your CV or curriculum vitae to perfecting a Word CV. Even if you want to add community work, they will know whether it will go with your technical skills or not for the kind of job you are looking for.

Focus on the Best Professional CV Format for Dubai or UAEs (h3)

A professional CV maker in Dubai knows the subtle differences between formats. For instance, what things to include on top of an Accountant CV would help them rank the best. Unlike cheap CV writing services, experts in resume writing know that each applicant is different. The go for CV writing online while carefully analyzing their previous experience. The best professional resume writing services not just use the right words, write a great cover letter, which is a common practice. They are taught to choose the best CV writing format for job seekers as per their industry to help them land interview calls in the tough UAE job market.

Professional Resume Writers in UAE Help Not Just with CVs but Also with Covering Letter and LinkedIn Profile

Besides the point that professional cv writing companies know the difference between a graphic designer CV and that of an accountant, they also offer more than just professional resume assistance. To make it rise above the acceptable level, every person in their team offers LinkedIn profile makeover service too. A top executive resume is hardly complete without the support from a strong LinkedIn profile. Thus, besides having a second look at your CV to resolve issues, a Dubai specific CV company would also help you with a powerful Covering Letter.

End Word on Hiring Professional CV Writing Services in UAE

There are a lot of benefits of hiring professional cv writing in Dubai. A resume builder or CV writing service takes off the burden of what best career profile you need to create for the UAE job market. Even if you are planning to switch between career paths and want to ascertain the right Dubai CV. They would help you become successful as a job candidate even if you are looking for a CV for writing jobs.

Why Email Marketing Still Matters?

“If you run a legitimate business, email is by far the most efficient way of reaching people who are interested in your product or site all over the world.”

About 34% of people use email worldwide. This is about two and a half billion people. In the next 2 years the number for email users is expected to grow to 2.8 billion. Yup, it’s popular with email. The Radicati Group, which provided this information, also reported that about 196 billion emails are sent every day in the world. The bulk of the 196 billion e-mails are corporate e-mails (109 billion).

Just let’s now position it. Email marketing is a strong and interactive way of connecting people. Think of your own memories, bring it home. Do you even know someone who has no email address? Perhaps every week you receive many (I definitely do) HTML emails. You’re reading them, you’re encouraged and look forward to the following. Email is an integral part of our lives. A big part of it.

E-Mail marketing is also an extremely personal way to reach your prospects. Your families and friends ‘ messages sit next to your company’s email updates. That is why it works best if email marketing is personalized. E-mail can be tailored to fit consumer activities so that any contact is important. Items like business improvements, successes, reviews to your customer can be addressed–this list is almost infinite. E-mail does not go anywhere with 2.5 billion users.

Let us give you a few reasons why you should not disregard email marketing as a source.

1. Better than social networks

Don’t get us wrong. In every marketing strategy, social media is an essential aspect. Social media is a perfect way to interact with and develop your personal relationships with your audience. And this makes it an important first step to your ultimate goal–the conversion.

Yet email marketing is the way to transform people into fans, clients or supporters.

A Custora 2013 study found that in the four years preceding 2013, customer acquisition via e-mail marketing has quadrupled. E-mail marketing accounted for almost 7 percent of all online consumer acquisitions.

E-mail marketing has resulted in customer acquisition and retention in a survey by e-marketer in March 2016 of 81 percent and 80 percent of respondents. Following the effectiveness of Email, other digital strategies such as organic searches at 62% for acquisitions and social media at 44% for retaining were considerably less successful than electronic mail.

2. It is economical

It is simple, efficient and cheap. Email marketing enables company owners to attract a large amount of customers by message at a cost of almost nothing.

It makes it better than traditional marketing outlets like TV, Radio or direct mail for small business owners on a budget. There’s our word you don’t have to take. A new report by Shop.org and Forrester Research found that email marketing is one of the best tactics for customer acquisition by 85% of US retailers. Even as digital technology and social media burst, advertisers continue to return to email.

Compared to conventional commercializations for your direct mail promotions, printing, post etc. will cost you a lot. You still can generate the same imagery for emails with the added advantage of immediate access to tracking information with one button.

The cost advantages as well as ROI can be improved through the close contacts with the beneficiaries, if an e-mail list is managed correctly. In combination with higher email marketing response rates, you get more positive responses faster and at a lower unit cost! Situation of Win – win!

3. It is customizable

What you really do in e-mail marketing is to divide the public into lists and give each list a personalized e-mail that suits the reader and provides them with something of interest.

You address the community as a whole when writing a post for one of your social channels. Nevertheless, it helps you to contact individually by name, separate certain subjects into certain members of your list and finally get private in their private inbox, by using the e-mail marketing tools correctly.

 Email doesn’t need SPAM – and it’s never meant to be! It could be used carefully for your brand’s trust and loyalty.

For building rapport with prospects, managers, existing customers and even past customers email marketing is important, since it gives you the opportunity to talk to them directly, at your inbox, at an appropriate time for you. Be self-conscious and polite. If you choose your message and the receiver with wisdom, you will not invade its space.

So if this article has reinvigorated your interest in email marketing, you need to start compiling an email list to begin your email marketing campaign.

For that purpose, first of all you need an excellent email finder. In the section below, we’ll discuss a few

Search for an email address finder

There are plenty of email finders that are available in the market, but we’ll discuss only one business email finder and a personal email finder that provide the best results.


This tool features as a find business email addresses that has the ability to sift through the web and provide you with the business email address of your prospect. But to use this tool, you first need to get the first name, last name and the company domain of your potential lead.

Once this information is available to this business email finder, it will run its algorithm and give you the email address.


Snov is an email address finder that also provides the same service as the previous one. We have selected this tool for the readers who want to diversify their options. It has a paid-subscription plan based on the requirements of the users. You can use the credits that you purchase to find email addresses through this tool.


Start investing in your email marketing to get the best results. Best of luck from our end!

Content Creation VS Distribution

Someone asked me this question recently

“How much time should I spend on content creation vs distribution”

It’s a great question and something all content marketers think about.

The reality is that you can’t do one EPIC and one average. You have to kick behind on both creation and distribution fronts.

Unfortunately the old school idea of “If I write epic content, readers will come” is not true anymore. There is a lot of content out there and it’s hard to grab readers attention.

So how do you create EPIC content!

Short answer:  Value, Value & more Value

Long answer: Think about the “WHY”…. Why are you writing this piece of content? Why should readers care about it? People go to the internet to get education, information and entertainment so provide them that with your content. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and sales will come.

Don’t forget to follow the best SEO practices and be visual.

Now let’s talk about content distribution

Think about all the places your target audience is at and find a way to put your content there. If you are a blogger, here is a short checklist of distribution strategies that you can test.

  1. Share on all of your social media channels
  2. Share multiple times on Twitter
  3. Send an email blast (if you have an email list)
  4. Repurpose your content on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium & Scoop.it
  5. Create a video of your content and publish on YouTube
  6. Create awesome looking slides and post on SlideShare
  7. If you mentioned any influencers in your content, reach out to them. Use this FREE Bulk Email Finder Tool to find their email addresses for the outreach campaign.
  8. If you have Ads budget, use Facebook Ads to amplify your reach & engagement
  9. Add your content to community websites like Quora, Reddit or GrowthHackers

Sure, you may not be able to do everything, but do what you can and with the resources & budget that you have. BUT never think that creating EPIC content is enough. Its NOT. Always test everything that you read and see what works and what doesn’t.

So IMHO its 50/50. Spend 50% of your time on creating EPIC content and then 50% making sure you distribute it at the right places.

Men’s Styling Guide: How To Wear A T-Shirt The Right Way?

T-shirts are easy to pronounce to be the staple men’s wear. These versatile pieces of garments can go with any mood or occasion just right regardless of the tag they bear.

Of course, cocktail parties can be an exception. The best part about these typically casual wears is that you can don them anyway and still look fresh and fashionable.

The basic palettes like grey, black, and white are all-time winners. You can dress in one with a jacket, blazer, or sweater on jeans and be ready in the batting of an eyelid.

Being able to be effortless in your style with t-shirts can empower you to experiment with different prints, patterns, materials, and others to create a personalized look.

If you follow trends, you must be aware of the popularity of customized printed t-shirts with people. You can incorporate it in your wardrobe with ease because of its freshness and youthful vibrancy. Here are some quick tips for you on how to flaunt them and grab eyeballs.

1. Digital Prints

The digitally printed t-shirts are a step-up from plain tees as these lend you unique character. You can buy something with graphic design or a brand name or inspirational texts.

No matter what you choose, be subtle in your presentation. These types of tees add to your personality and do not overrule it. You can pair them with loud bottoms or evergreen blue or grey jeans.

The entire style will reflect beautifully. Make sure your t-shirt is a solid color, and its prints match the loud bottoms you wear. With jeans, you can opt for the same or contrasting hue. For example, blue jeans and white t-shirts are always magical.

2. Cotton Material

Digital Prints

Cotton is the most favorable material for summertime. Its versatility, long-lastingness, and comfort are unmatchable. You can wear this with anything and still look your best.

However, be sure where you want to wear it. You wouldn’t want to pick up a printed t-shirt to wear under a blazer for a casual look.

The cotton t-shirts can complement denim bottoms any day. If you’ve got a classic taste, you will not mind pairing it with black jeans.

3. Long Sleeves

man fashion

In t-shirts, you generally find varieties in short sleeves more than the full sleeves. The reasons behind this can be the weather and also comfort. But full sleeves are a fantastic choice for winters.

So, you must not avoid it. Just make sure you get the right fit because otherwise, it can give a very clumsy appearance. Also, a heavily printed t-shirt may not look nice.

Hence, take care of this aspect too. Anyway, full-sleeve t-shirts in navy, grey, black, and white hues can be perfect. You can wear them with jeans, trousers, etc.

So, what are you waiting for now? Go shopping and get a customized printed tee from the market. The stores are chock full of such options. You can visit a nearby store in Sydney or give a try to the choices online, such as at TPB T-shirt Printing Sydney. The options can leave you spellbound.Men’s Styling Guide

How to Choose Between Online and Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Business

Have you ever looked at your marketing to-do list and thought, “If I have to spend one more minute marketing myself online, I’ll go crazy?” 

We’ve all had that thought from time to time. Sometimes, we even dream of the “good old days,” when all you had to do was put an ad in the local newspaper. Luckily for us, there is room for both online and offline marketing techniques. The trick is knowing when to use these two different marketing mediums, and it’s a distinction that too many businesses neglect these days. 

There are, of course, many who believe offline marketing has simply been superseded by online marketing, and the argument may be a valid one in some cases. However, by throwing out the value of offline marketing, it becomes a little too easy to underestimate the benefits of shaking hands and getting your face (and product) in front of your potential audience. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look and see just what each kind of marketing can offer, and what is important to remember with each approach.

 Offline Marketing


The biggest benefit to consider with offline marketing is that it offers a more personal touch. Whether you are meeting with people at trade shows, networking at local events or simply giving out promotional gear, your physical presence lasts much longer than an online footprint. People will remember you, and associate you with the brand and the product. 

One of the biggest reasons brick and mortar stores still do well—despite predictions of their demise—is the ‘human touch’. Never underestimate just how far a little personal attention and a friendly smile can take you.


Offline marketing requires a lot of effort, and results are difficult to predict and to track. You may create numerous promotional items, but distributing them through the right channels can be tricky, and recording how effective they were in bringing customers to your service or product can often be near impossible. 

That’s not to say it doesn’t work (this is, after all, how all marketing was done before the internet!). But, the inability to predict and track results is a downside to offline marketing when compared with marketing online. 

Offline Marketing Examples

 You don’t have to be a walk-in shop to have an offline presence—though it arguably helps a lot more if you are! Nonetheless, even the most online-focused business can use offline marketing techniques. Here’s a few examples of offline marketing strategies. 

Business Cards:

Business cards are a simple, multi-functional element that every business should have. Not only are business cards cheap and easy to distribute, they also make your company look more legitimate. The fact that a customer can save your business card, even if they have no current need of your products or services, is invaluable. Because when they do need your product or service, they’ll already have your contact information! 

Promotional Items:

People love getting free stuff. Whether it is free clothing, calendars, coffee cups, computer hardware or anything else, you can bet that people will be trying to snatch it up. And the best part is that with something like printed t-shirts, you can include your business name and contact information directly on the free item. 

Even if the person doesn’t use your service themselves, anywhere that they wear that shirt it will be seen by others. 

As stated on TSHIRTPLUS: “Over the course of 50 years, the t-shirt has become a significant part of history and a powerful tool for marketing”. 

Company Vehicle:

If your company is constantly on the go and driving to meet new customers and clients, then it make sense to brand your vehicles. Not only does this make your business look more professional and cohesive, it gets your brand seen in locations it might otherwise not have been. 

Online MarketingPros

You don’t need to go far to find marketers willing to sing the praises and advantages of online marketing. Online marketing doesn’t require driving to trade shows or setting up face to face meetings, and you can tell far more easily what is working and what isn’t. 

Online marketing diversifies and evolves almost quicker than most marketers can keep up. You don’t need much more than a good idea, an intelligent plan, and effort. If you have those three things, you can get astonishingly good results. Plus, many small businesses and entrepreneurs like the low-entry cost to using online marketing techniques. While offline marketing can get pretty pricey (think radio ads and roadside billboards), it doesn’t take much by way of funding to set up a website and start meeting your ideal clients (and your colleagues) through social media sites and blogs. 


There are some downsides to marketing online, though you won’t find many people pointing them out!  The biggest downside is the incredible size and popularity of online marketing. All the reasons that make online marketing accessible, easy, and potentially lucrative mean that there’s also a heck of a lot of competition! Getting noticed in a sea of similarly-empowered marketers is hard enough, but there’s also the question of the depth of connection you’re making with consumers. It takes different talents to engage customers deeply online, including good writing skills (blogs, emails, webpages) and potentially a good video presence. Offline marketing relies much more on people to people skills, like being a good listener. 

Online Marketing Examples

Social Media: If you  or your small business isn’t utilizing social media, then you should to hurry up and get on the ball. Whether you like social media personally or not doesn’t matter—millions of people who do use social media seem to like it just fine! And while you may not like sharing your personal information, social media is a great way to connect with countless people. These are people that you would never have had the chance to connect with through offline marketing. Instead, online marketing and social media makes it just as easy to connect with someone across the world as it is to connect with a neighbor in the same city. 

Email Marketing Campaigns: Email marketing campaigns are great when they are used properly. In some cases, people hate their inboxes filling up with emails on a daily basis, especially when they never open the messages. That is why infrequent emails can be valuable to a company that is looking to maximize online efforts. Simply updating your customers about special events or new information as often as once a month is a great way to stay personal through email, without being overwhelming or annoying. 

Online Advertising: There are a variety of different online advertising methods that range from pay per click to pay per mile options. Each offer their own benefits and features, but both also offer the ability to directly market to people who are specifically interested in you. With some offline marketing campaigns, you never know who will see your ad. That means that many uninterested people will see it and pay it no attention. However, online you can specifically gear your ads to target markets that are more likely to be interested in your content. 

Which Platform is Right For You? 

Most, if not all, businesses can benefit from some blend of offline and online marketing techniques, but choosing which to focus on can be tricky. 

The obvious thing to consider is what exactly you’re offering. Do you sell physical objects? And if so, are they standardized goods where people know exactly what they want (things like car parts or electrical accessories) or luxury goods that people can be enticed by or may want to try out (clothes or flowers, for instance)? If it’s the former, online marketing can be arguably a lot more beneficial, as convenience and price will most likely engage consumers. In the latter case, offline marketing may be better at involving customers in the kind of exchanges that result in an impulse purchase or hands-on sale. 

Does your business serve an older demographic? If that’s the case, offline marketing is an obvious choice as they will very likely be more traditional shoppers. Don’t rule out online marketing though—it can sometimes be more effective than offline marketing in ‘breaking’ the habits of traditional shoppers.

Is the type of consumer you’re trying to reach out to internet savvy? If so, online marketing can work well, though it will need to be framed in unique way in order to grab their attention. The bottom line is simple: try to determine what type of consumers you wish to connect with, and understand what will work best for them. 

Personal Opinion

Personally, while online marketing is now the dominant force, I think there’s still room for creative, penetrative offline marketing, though the extra effort and cost is undeniably a barrier for many. 

What do you think? Have you tried both options and experienced better results with one of them? What would you consider to be good online/offline marketing opportunities? Do you even think that offline marketing can still be a valuable tool for marketers? Let me know in the comments below!

Authorsheikh ali is an IT engineer and blogger who recently started to study marketing and ways to promote businesses both online and offline. He wanted to share his ideas and thoughts about traditional vs. modern ways of business promotion. He also enjoys traveling, outdoor sports, and – of course – everything related to IT.