Why Email Marketing Still Matters?

“If you run a legitimate business, email is by far the most efficient way of reaching people who are interested in your product or site all over the world.”

About 34% of people use email worldwide. This is about two and a half billion people. In the next 2 years the number for email users is expected to grow to 2.8 billion. Yup, it’s popular with email. The Radicati Group, which provided this information, also reported that about 196 billion emails are sent every day in the world. The bulk of the 196 billion e-mails are corporate e-mails (109 billion).

Just let’s now position it. Email marketing is a strong and interactive way of connecting people. Think of your own memories, bring it home. Do you even know someone who has no email address? Perhaps every week you receive many (I definitely do) HTML emails. You’re reading them, you’re encouraged and look forward to the following. Email is an integral part of our lives. A big part of it.

E-Mail marketing is also an extremely personal way to reach your prospects. Your families and friends ‘ messages sit next to your company’s email updates. That is why it works best if email marketing is personalized. E-mail can be tailored to fit consumer activities so that any contact is important. Items like business improvements, successes, reviews to your customer can be addressed–this list is almost infinite. E-mail does not go anywhere with 2.5 billion users.

Let us give you a few reasons why you should not disregard email marketing as a source.

1. Better than social networks

Don’t get us wrong. In every marketing strategy, social media is an essential aspect. Social media is a perfect way to interact with and develop your personal relationships with your audience. And this makes it an important first step to your ultimate goal–the conversion.

Yet email marketing is the way to transform people into fans, clients or supporters.

A Custora 2013 study found that in the four years preceding 2013, customer acquisition via e-mail marketing has quadrupled. E-mail marketing accounted for almost 7 percent of all online consumer acquisitions.

E-mail marketing has resulted in customer acquisition and retention in a survey by e-marketer in March 2016 of 81 percent and 80 percent of respondents. Following the effectiveness of Email, other digital strategies such as organic searches at 62% for acquisitions and social media at 44% for retaining were considerably less successful than electronic mail.

2. It is economical

It is simple, efficient and cheap. Email marketing enables company owners to attract a large amount of customers by message at a cost of almost nothing.

It makes it better than traditional marketing outlets like TV, Radio or direct mail for small business owners on a budget. There’s our word you don’t have to take. A new report by Shop.org and Forrester Research found that email marketing is one of the best tactics for customer acquisition by 85% of US retailers. Even as digital technology and social media burst, advertisers continue to return to email.

Compared to conventional commercializations for your direct mail promotions, printing, post etc. will cost you a lot. You still can generate the same imagery for emails with the added advantage of immediate access to tracking information with one button.

The cost advantages as well as ROI can be improved through the close contacts with the beneficiaries, if an e-mail list is managed correctly. In combination with higher email marketing response rates, you get more positive responses faster and at a lower unit cost! Situation of Win – win!

3. It is customizable

What you really do in e-mail marketing is to divide the public into lists and give each list a personalized e-mail that suits the reader and provides them with something of interest.

You address the community as a whole when writing a post for one of your social channels. Nevertheless, it helps you to contact individually by name, separate certain subjects into certain members of your list and finally get private in their private inbox, by using the e-mail marketing tools correctly.

 Email doesn’t need SPAM – and it’s never meant to be! It could be used carefully for your brand’s trust and loyalty.

For building rapport with prospects, managers, existing customers and even past customers email marketing is important, since it gives you the opportunity to talk to them directly, at your inbox, at an appropriate time for you. Be self-conscious and polite. If you choose your message and the receiver with wisdom, you will not invade its space.

So if this article has reinvigorated your interest in email marketing, you need to start compiling an email list to begin your email marketing campaign.

For that purpose, first of all you need an excellent email finder. In the section below, we’ll discuss a few

Search for an email address finder

There are plenty of email finders that are available in the market, but we’ll discuss only one business email finder and a personal email finder that provide the best results.


This tool features as a find business email addresses that has the ability to sift through the web and provide you with the business email address of your prospect. But to use this tool, you first need to get the first name, last name and the company domain of your potential lead.

Once this information is available to this business email finder, it will run its algorithm and give you the email address.


Snov is an email address finder that also provides the same service as the previous one. We have selected this tool for the readers who want to diversify their options. It has a paid-subscription plan based on the requirements of the users. You can use the credits that you purchase to find email addresses through this tool.


Start investing in your email marketing to get the best results. Best of luck from our end!

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