6 ways to look for anybody’s email address

Emails are important when you do outbound marketing.

Email addresses are important to the proximity of your information, regardless of whether you are running a cold email campaign or pursuing a direct mail.

I have scanned thousands of email addresses and used various methods to locate them in my outbound marketing activities.

The method below and the methods used to find e-mail addresses have been established.

Option 1 – Look for the obvious

You will find e-mail addresses in two areas that other people don’t look at.

Linkedin Page of the prospect

You must click ‘View Contact Info’ on LinkedIn. If you do, a list of social media accounts, blogs, and an e-mail address can be shown. Everything does not make all this knowledge optional, but it is also a very easy win.

If an email is not mentioned, please click on the other links. Often people have emails on their own websites or even on their twitter account.

Bio Page of Company

Another obvious place to try, but sometimes ignored. Most businesses do not mention the contact details for all their employees on their website, but you get lucky every time.

Option 2- Use Sellhack

There are a number of online resources for searching for email addresses for individuals. I have tried several of them and the best email finder tool I have ever found is by far Sellhack.

It’s not flawless, I confess, and you’ll always have several rebounds, but it’s the greatest tool I have ever had.

African american young woman using laptop working studying online, serious black girl student worker looking at laptop making notes typing busy on computer research, search information in internet (African american young woman using laptop working stu

This business email finder acts as a quick plug-in for Google Chrome in your browser’s corner. You simply press the plug-in and a pop-up window appears when you are investigating prospects.

You type the first name, last name, website for your company and Sellhack digs for you. It searches different sources and methods to provide you with an email address.

This is the most powerful approach I have found for people with corporate email addresses.

You can check Sellhack free of charge and paying accounts for up to 50 prospects are cheap starting at $9 a month. The emails I am searching for are so important to me that I pay a small monthly fee without any problem.

Option 3 – Use Rapportive

This was my e-mail study strategy before discovering Sellhack and I still use it as a fallback. Sellhack does really well, but it doesn’t find what I’m searching for occasionally. For the final analysis, there is a hack I use that blends Gmail with a Rapportive plug-in. The method is a little complicated, so I will postpone this video, which taught us tactical years ago, rather than trying to write it all down.

Option  4- Just Google it

In the last stage, Google will name and check for certain links to see if your contacts can be found elsewhere.

Often the prospects are mentioned in a trade union or in a kind of director with their contact details.

It’s always a long time, but at times it works well and opens doors for innovative testing methods unique to the industry.

For instance, I tried to find Hollywood director contact information for my client. Many of these other strategies have failed because people have no business addresses. I found the Directors Guild of America by carrying out a Google search and it has a director and contact details of all of its members. Mine of gold!

Option 5 – Try Gestward.com

If you don’t have the patience to deal with any of these approaches, go to GetSteward.com.

It is a simple email address finder, where you can find someone’s e-mail address for just $1 via e-mail. You make small and big orders and typically get decent email addresses for you.

This email finder can also create lists of different titles in specific companies for you, in addition to the contact name of a certain person.

Option 6 – Use Findemailaddress.co

Findemailaddress.co is also a find email address by name and company that we highly recommend due to its exceptional accuracy and swiftness in searching email addresses. Just like sellhack, it requires the first name, last name and the company domain of the prospect.

This email address finder also offers a free trial version with 50 credits. You can also use this tool to verify email addresses and to search email addresses in bulk.


It may take a while for e-mail addresses to be found, but you find the contacts that you are searching for if you use the methods and resources (in the order presented). But be alert, it does not mean they want to hear from you only because you find someone’s inbox. Don’t be a blank spammer and just sell letters to everyone you’re looking for. Make it part of a plan if you do email reporting. Be deliberate and develop a plan.

If you would like to know the marketing results I have used to give Fortune 500 customers, then sign up for the e-mail lesson below and walk through the whole cycle.

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