A list of valuable Web Directories

Web servers have been the deal in the early years of SEO.

At the time, it was a lot easier to play the Google algorithm. It must be pretty dangerous – or at least, the algorithm has seen it when your website is listed on one of loads of online directories.

How well the pages listed in search engines had been positively influenced by the amount of directory links. Digital advertisers have identified and intended to view the web with their site’s directory listings.

It’s been an easier time.

Where do today’s Online Directories stand?

Today the algorithm of Google is much more complex. While the ties are still one of the main signs, Google doesn’t equally view all connections. Ties from a listing web directory are much less important than an extremely relevant connection from a high-level site on your niche.

Not to say that the web archives are totally irrelevant.

Moz’s research shows that web directories and local citations remain a small ranking factor-especially for local companies. Nevertheless, the Google directory connections “generally” did not help with SEO, said John Mueller himself.

What is to be done by a marketer?

Beware of these two requirements when you begin your quest for web directories.

  • Is it a well-known site? In other words, will they find my company more or less valid if a customer saw me on this Website?
  • Is it possible that my target group will visit this site? Otherwise, the company probably isn’t worth mentioning.

Each local business must maintain a clear NAP on its local citation, but web directories will be of little help with your SEO. The real returns are the prestige and traffic to your business location.

Keep these two criteria in mind as you start searching for web directories.

Web directories still worth in 2019

To remain relevant, several past web directories have migrated to extensive review websites beyond simple listings. This pattern is mirrored in many of the places I mentioned below.

I could have added a lot more to this list such as Jasmine Directory, Bloggapedia and Aviva Directory, but I don’t know that it’s worth the effort because of their small number of people.

Instead, I chose to focus only on those websites which offer your business more than just a quote opportunity. This is all web directories that can translate to real value for your website with real traffic numbers.

Any kind of website can utilize these Powerful Online Directories


BOTW is still a reliable online directory used by more than 16 million organizations since 1994. It gets between 70,000 and 90,000 visits a month with 43% of traffic based in the United States. Blogs.botw.org are available for forums, local.botw.org are also available for local companies. A specified lifetime costs $299.

2. AboutUs

Originally established as a business domain directory, About Us can now submit and discuss all types of websites. The site has an average of 150,000 visitors per month.

3. Spoke.com

Speaking is an online community where business people, companies, news and more can be found and discussed. In Speech, for a company or a person, a web list can be added. More than 80,000 visitors are received monthly.

4. Blogarama

Blogarama has more than 143,000 blog lists, which are published by website administrators. This is the only blog that still sends me consistent traffic from the many blog sites I incorporated my own blog to. Plug in your RSS feed and Blogarama will automatically update your list of latest posts. More than 230,000 visitors visit the website every month.

5. Google My Business

You know the huge advantages of listing your company on Google My Business if you are a SEO professional, but not just a good idea, it is a fundamental requirement in online marketing.

Google My Business continues to grow as an important factor for local search. Moreover, Google is the biggest search engine in the world.

The best way to ensure that the majority of Internet users are searching for what their business provides is to have an integrated Google My Business list.

6. Bing Places

While less than 4% of the world uses Bing for its search engine, it is important to remember that it is the default Internet Explorer and Edge search engine, and Microsoft continues to dominate the computer desktop market.

Make sure you meet these PC users by adding to Bing Places your company.

7. Yahoo

If you consider Yahoo, the third most popular search engine, you can’t talk about Bing. Your company will start at $8.25 a month with the addition of Yahoo Local.

8. Yelp

Yelp is still important for local businesses as the review site. You have to be at Yelp if you want customers to find your company – and you need a good review.

What Else?

In addition to the above directories, there may be other high-speed niche directories, such as Avvo for lawyers or Porch for house renovation professionals, appropriate for your industry.

Moreover, for reaching out to the people directly, you can use a email finder like https://findemailaddress.co/email-finder/

This email finder can search for any email address you want. You can reach out to that person and get your reviews or pitch your product.

Although the market is pretty saturated but this business email finder also acts as personal email finder as well as a bulk email finder. So getting this tool will be a very good transaction.

In the end, it depends on two key things to bring your web site into directories today.

Are you more likely to see more clients on your website?

Better yet, is the listing on this site going to increase consumer confidence in your company?

When you answer one of these questions is yes, your company will gain from that web directory.

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