Step by step instructions to Do Screen Printing On T-shirts Professionally At Home

Step by step instructions to Do Screen Printing on T-shirts Professionally at Home

Hoping to do shirt imprinting on an enormous scale? Hoping to accomplish unrivaled quality outcomes? Screen printing is the best approach.

As per legend, screen printing really began in old China, where hair was utilized to make screens for the rough screen printing machine. The machine has since experienced various upgrades to turn into the cutting edge gadget we know today.

Utilizing the gadget is, in any case, threatening to numerous at first yet it’s really simpler than you’d presume. You can acquaint yourself with it in minutes and begin taking a shot at your clients’ requests right away. With this guide, I will take you through the procedure.

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The screen printing machine capacities like a stencil. Rather than cutting pictures one by one, you simply coat the screen in an image emulsion and cut out the picture with the assistance of a laser.

Here are the means to pursue to screen print:

1. Make AN IMAGE

The initial step needs you to think of a picture, remembering that the work of art is essential for the entire printing process. Thinking of an awful structure will make the covering fair, the screens won’t be great, and therefore, the plan on your shirt won’t be great either. Along these lines, make certain to make a decent high-goals picture.

Most screen printing machines need at any rate of 300 DPI. The higher the goals, the better the outcomes. The other reason with respect to for what reason I’m demanding a high-goals picture is on the grounds that such a picture is a lot simpler to plan for printing.

2. Partition

Partition is an entirely straightforward procedure worried about the expulsion of individual hues from the structure. In the event that your picture highlights various hues, state red, yellow and blue, every one of the hues will be isolated from each other and imprinted on vellum or a film.

A great many people favor utilizing a film, as conveys higher-quality outcomes by empowering the generation of better lines and dabs.


When the screens are prepared for consuming, take them to the presentation unit. The presentation unit alludes to a container with light inside. Spot the film between the screen and the introduction of glass.

Along these lines, you will enable the light to radiate through glass and film, and hit the screen. Remember that if the light does not hit the screen, the emulsion will wash out.

I realize you may ponder what an emulsion is, isn’t that so?

This is only a photosensitive liquid that you apply to the screen before presenting it to the light.

I prescribe utilizing a squeegee to apply the liquid to guarantee it covers the vast majority of the screen. When the emulsion is dry, keep it in a dim space for an hour or two to set it up for the partition procedure.


Your screen is prepared for printing. Presently, set it on the press and apply ink to it. You may need to blend a few inks to achieve a specific shading.

At this stage, everything is prepared and you can continue to print your articles of clothing. On the off chance that you have little runs, you can do them in a steady progression utilizing the layout. Then again, in the event that you have medium or enormous runs, I recommend doing them on the auto-press, if your machine bolsters that.

Screen printing happens to be the most established and most generally utilized strategy for printing shirts. The way that this strategy has been utilized for so long (centuries) implies it is exceptionally trustworthy; it conveys out and out the most astounding quality.

By following the strategies portrayed above and obviously, completing a touch of training, you will be a specialist at screen printing after a short time.

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